‘M’e Majimisi Machai

I left Lesotho for various reasons, compounded and cinched by the fact that I was developing health issues due to the high elevation. I was told that these issues would begin to reverse upon coming back to the States but would only worsen if I stayed in Lesotho. When I left, the one thing I regretted was not being able to say goodbye to ‘M’e Jimi, the interim Associate Peace Corps Director during CHED ’07’s training while PC-Washington was busy cutting through red tape to ferry Maria (current APCD) over.
Two things that I was known for in the Peace Corps office were being the “daughter” of the chief of Menkhoaneng, which gave way to “Princess” as my nickname, and an over-exaggerated love of chocolate. Especially Cadbury Hazelnut and Rum & Raisin. And Biscuit. And Fruits & Nuts.
‘M’e Jimi was visiting the States, and upon her return to Lesotho, she found me gone. She wrote this email, never asking for any explanations, and it meant a lot to me. Ke ntse ke u hopola, ‘M’e Jimi!

Lumela Ausi,
U phela joang? Ke maketse, ke tsoa li holiday ke fumana u le sieo. So how are you doing? I was all excited and brought you some mofao from the States – your favorite chocolate at least the real one this time cheehe! Anyways I hope and think for whatever decisions you came to for returning to the States are good for you, as you know I will always support you.

It was really nice working with you, and thanks for all your effort and dedications during your work in Lesotho.

Keep well

Translation of Sesotho:

Hello, Ausi
How are you? I was surprised, I came from holiday to discover you had left…

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~ by dennetmint on May 28, 2008.

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